Social Media Break - Day One

Decided to take a month-long social media break starting last night around midnight. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now, and reading about it third-hand from social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just wasn’t cutting it. Stay in your bubble, preaching to the choir. Exit the bubble, and it’s madness. Pure, unadulterated madness.

So I decided to start writing in my blog again. I like to write, certainly more than reading most of the garbage on the Internet right now. I’m also a photographer, so I can take pictures and start learning more about videography and better lighting as well.

I mean, I pay for this web-site, why not use it?

So I disabled my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and my Twitter was already deleted during DeactiDay last year. The one site that I’ll continue to use is because it blocks bots, trolls and bad-actor nations. Much more “social” than any other social media site, and it allows for true freedom of expression, without all the other garbage. Oh, and no ads, either.

Hamama Seed Quilt Organizer

Look what I got in the mail today? No, don’t look at the pizza cat. Okay, fine, look at the pizza cat…. I’ll wait.

But seriously, how cool is that bamboo seed quilt organizer? It holds nine quilts horizontally, and 18 quilts vertically. But I do think horizontal is best. Plus, I ordered two, so the second one should be arriving at some point, an they’ll be twins!

I like growing Hamama microgreens, because they allow me to push the “reset button” every ten days with a fresh seed quilt. You soak them in a tray of water, peel them halfway through, harvest them at the end. So much fun to watch them grow!

I played a little bit of Animal Crossing tonight, watched a little Community, and even made a pizza and some rolls from scratch. Busy day. Oh, and I also worked.

And although I didn’t take any pictures of the pizza, or the rolls that I made into BBQ soy curl sandwiches, I did take pictures of my Hamama Energizing Kale microgreens on top of some vegan nachos I made this past weekend. Enjoy!

Vegan nachos with Hamama Energizing Kale microgreens on top

One thing I noticed is, when I deleted the social media apps from my phone, and disabled the social media accounts, I had a lot more free time to do other things. Kitchen cleaning suddenly happened right away, laundry seemed to get folded earlier than it would have normally. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I cooked a bunch of stuff. Social media is such a time suck. It’s incredible how much time it can waste in our lives.

Also wanted to mention that I’ve been recently 3D printing mask clips for masks that use elastic loops to stay on. It’s fun sending these out to medical folks using N95 masks, because those elastic bands hurt your ears after a long day. I enjoy making a small difference.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a picture of this bug which I found on the side of my garage. I don’t know what bug this is, but if you do, feel free to leave information in the comments below.

A random bug on my garage. The end times?

Anyway…. This blog entry is long and rambling – just the way I like it. Hopefully the photos broke up the wall of text, and I’ll be able to keep up a daily writing and photography streak. I think eventually I might start posting videos here too!