Social Media Break – Day Five

First off, today was a great day for the dogs. Annie and Lucy both enjoyed the sun and warmth. Annie is a little younger, but Lucy, being older and with a mild case of arthritis, really appreciates the sun. Happy dogs!

And although I’m mostly an indoor cat, I do enjoy it when the weather warms up a little. Picked up two big bags of assorted flower seeds today, and the rain barrel filled up yesterday, so I do believe it’s almost raised garden bed sowing time!

My new YubiKey 5 NFC arrived today, and it’s working fairly well with various things. Need to spend a little more time learning how they work, but I think I’ve got the gist of it. Better security is worth it, for sure. Funny enough, I bought this to secure my WordPress page, and I guess WordPress doesn’t support these, for some reason? I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually….

My new YubiKey 5 NFC

Made vegan pizza today, which was super tasty. My homemade crust, BBQ sauce, black beans, and olives from Trader Joe’s, along with Daiya cheddar cheese, and some onions. Perfection! Lucy loves crust, and you can see her judging me silently from across the room.

One of the things I’m loving about this Social Media Break is the creative energy that comes back when I get out of the cycle of posting, and liking, and reposting…and just focus on creating new things! So I decided to take a look at the Utata backlog of Iron Photographer projects, and settled on this weird owl, “whisky,” and knife image. It was supposed to be noir, so I worked it black and white, and put some grain in.

Creativity – Utata – Iron Photographer 23

Lastly, I’ll leave you with an older photography piece, and Annie looking in a different direction, because I can!

The weekend is here, and I’m ready to take some more pictures of random things, and possibly Iron Photographer 24 tomorrow. Stay safe!