Social Media Break – Day Nine

Yesterday, I talked about rolls. And I showed you dough. It wasn’t very nice to not show you pictures of the finished rolls, I understand that now. So here, on Day Nine of my Social Media Break, I give you, as the Featured Image – the rolls!

They ended up being perfect. Although I feel I need to find the right balance between temperature and duration, to get the insides to cook properly (they were 95% cooked properly inside) while not burning the outside (I think the outside of these rolls were a little over-cooked, but not burned, per se), and I guess that’s just me reinventing the wheel, because I can, and, because we’re all stuck at home while COVID-19 ravishes our country and smart people stay at home waiting for the vaccine that’s likely coming next year. So, rolls. Baking.

Trader Joe’s is now randomly selling bricks of yeast, for a reasonable price, which makes me super happy. I went and bought a one pound brick for three times the usual price a month or so ago, only to find out that you can actually get the same brick at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 or whatever. It makes me happy that the stores I shop in aren’t price gouging, although it’s a little sad that Amazon is so clearly profiting off of this.

Anyway…so now, onto the ridiculous picture of Annie, my other dog, who doesn’t get a lot of pictures taken of her, because she spends a lot of the day hiding and sleeping in the closet. I don’t know why. But sometimes she comes out, steals my seat, and brazenly does cute things.

Annie Being Extra Cute

But did you know, that in addition to being extra cute and fluffy, she also has a dark side? She really wants to eat squirrels. A couple of years ago, she actually got a hold of a stunned, but very much living, mourning dove in the backyard. She had it in her mouth like a toy. After wresting it away from her, the dove was brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where I’m sure it promptly died. So now, we know the extent of Annie’s darkness, and she must be watched. Luckily, squirrels are very fast. Fun fact: Annie hears the word “squirrel” and she actually starts looking for chipmunks! She hates chipmunks way more than squirrels. She’ll tolerate birds in the window bird feeder, and will sometimes chase squirrels but for some reason, chipmunks are her sworn arch-enemy. She goes crazy for chipmunks!

Annie Giving me the Side-Eye

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for today. Maybe more bread or rolls tomorrow? We’ll see. I had a nice salad tonight.

Oh, and super weird thing, I upgraded from the old Nest Camera subscription to the new Google Camera subscription, which is cheaper, and covers all of your cameras and devices for one price, and they were like “oh, here, have a Google Home Hub for free!” Never mind, they’ve sent me two free Google devices in the past. One of which I’ve sent to my mother, and the next one will be going to a family friend. But the Google Home Hub is so well reviewed at CNET that I might give this one a try? Luckily, the “Hub” only has microphones, whereas the newer, more expensive Google Hub Max actually has a camera. I don’t know how I feel about a camera inside of my home, so I’m glad the Hub doesn’t have an always-on camera. But I think it’ll be nice to have a pretty display for common events I often forget, and a pretty screen to display weather, date and time. Fun stuff like that. Oh, and I guess it can play music, as well?

So there you have it. My day in a nutshell. See you on Day Ten!