Social Media Break – Day Ten

Another simple post today for Day Ten of my Social Media Break. What are some of the things I do with my spare time? I 3D print mask clips to help medical personnel and first responders that have to use masks that have elastic ear holders. The mask clips hold onto the elastic, so their ears don’t have to. Trust me, when you’ve been in a mask all day, the elastic starts to dig into the back of your ears, and removing the mask isn’t an option. So these little things are a life saver, and are super easy and inexpensive to print. A fun little hobby!

Garlic Rolls

I also made rolls from scratch today. First, I made the dough from scratch, which is a lot of fun. Then, after the first rise, I punch it down, break it up into pieces, then put them into dishes to proof in a steamy microwave and conventional oven. (Steamy from water that had just boiled in the microwave – but the microwave is not turned on while the dough is in there.)

Anyway, as you can see, the garlic rolls came out pretty good, but the cinnamon and sugar rolls (monkey bread? Maybe?) came out even better! The temperature and time in the oven post-proof caused the sugar to caramelize, which is awesome! I had to be really careful not to eat more than one or two.

And that’s pretty much it for today! Work, bread/rolls, a little bit of 3D mask clip printing, and some firewall fiddling. A good day.

And for now, I’ll leave you with an oldie but a goodie: Lucy trying to have a beer, but she can’t because she’s unable to hold a bottle opener. Poor puppy!

Damned Opposable Thumbs – Poor Lucy!