Social Media Break – Day Twelve

It’s Friday, and usually, Friday has a feel. This Friday, it’s a different feel. A lot is going on in the world, and I’ve been trying my best to stay home and avoid getting sick. It’s shocking how many people are ignoring scientific and medical evidence, going out without masks, without social distancing measures, without considering whether a trip out is essential or not.

Although I’m not an AA member, I’m sure we’ve all heard the Serenity Prayer:

…grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I’m an atheist, so I’m going to leave off the “God,” part at the beginning. Feel free to add your own beginning if you need it!

What can we control? Stay home. Go out only once a week (or much less frequently if you’re smart about it) for necessities. Wear a non-medical mask when you have to go out. It protects others from you more than it protects you from others, but if we all wore non-medical cloth masks when we went out, we wouldn’t have this pandemic in the first place. Treat this like the new normal, until we have a vaccine, and the transmissibility rating (R0) goes below 1. It’s not there yet, trust me.

Who do I trust? The CDC to some degree, the WHO, and Dr. Fauci. A few days ago Dr. Fauci, whose job has been to deal with pandemics for decades – so he’s an impartial scientific expert – stated that it turned out to be his worst nightmare and it “isn’t over.”

“In a period, if you just think about it, in a period of four months, it has devastated the world….”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Lucy Enjoying Another Sunbeam

So here we go, a picture of my shih tzu, Lucy, enjoying today’s sunbeam. I know she can sense the stress in the air, but I also know that all I can do is do my best.

One thing I just learned about Featured Images, they should be closer to landscape than portrait orientation. I tried to set my drone picture below as the Featured Image of this post, and it cropped off the top, which is the most important part! Otherwise, it’s just a cute vintage Winnie the Pooh tie floating in midair.

Pretty Tie for a Fly Guy

So yes, it’s Friday, but it’s not a normal Friday. Normally, the weekend would be worth celebrating. Now….