There’s a WordPress app that you can load onto your phone that lets you write blog posts when you’re away from your computer. Sweet!

My First Incline

Did you know I like Animal Crossing; New Horizons? I do! I finally got to invite a villager who shares the same birthday as I do. It’s pretty fun. That means, when I’m celebrating this character’s birthday in-game, I can also celebrate my own birthday.

Lucy Door Picture Taken With iPhone

I’m sure I’ll have to tweak this in the morning, add the appropriate keywords, adjust the SEO settings, but this app doesn’t do a bad job for drafting and publishing serviceable blog posts.

I do type a lot faster on the computer keyboard but I’m also fairly proficient in thumb typing on my iPhone.

Does this have any bearing on the discussion?

Anyway…it’s getting late, and I wanted to get something fun posted before midnight.

Oh! And if you want to watch a longish video of me soaking a Hamama quilt, I posted one over on YouTube earlier today. You’re welcome!

So that about wraps up this post for today, Day Thirteen of my Social Media Break. Almost two weeks. Not bad. Might keep the Instagram break going for awhile, but Facebook might be a challenge, as I really enjoy the Hamama Friends group. Maybe more of a post-only situation? Hmm….

So now, I’ll leave you with a random picture and a hearty “good night!”

Olive you all!