Today, I made fresh pizza dough and rolls from scratch. It’s nice to take fresh ingredients and turn them into something completely different.

The recipe is one that I’ve used for well over a decade now, came with my bread maker’s manual, and I’ve tweaked it a little over the years to improve it just a little bit each time.

The dough docking is a new addition, as well as giving the dough a nice proof after the first rise. Super easy to do in a steamy (turned off) microwave.

When I used to make pizza and rolls, I didn’t proof them, and they came out dense. But now, they’re light and fluffy. So much better!

Also, when I made the sandwich rolls, I let them cool before slicing and filling them, and then passed them through the broiler quickly. It’s incredible how much better things taste when you take a little extra time to reverse engineer what you like from out in the world.

My vegan sausage sandwich. Yum!

Oh, and the best part about all this? I have two rolls left for tomorrow, AND two vegan sausages with grilled onions. I love making meals that make multiple meals. So economical!

Okay, so, I do need to include a few pictures of the dogs, because they were so cute today. Please indulge me. First off, is Lucy, doing her Lucy Thing on the couch. Cute!

Super Cute Lucy
Trying to take a nap….

Next up is Annie, because jealous girls are jealous, and they both want to be equally represented.

Annie spends a lot of time searching for “squirrels,” which, to her, are actually chipmunks. If she sees a squirrel a few inches away in the window, she’ll bark at it, sure…but she just doesn’t get as riled up with actual squirrels as she does with chipmunks, even when they’re 30 feet or more away!

Watching out for “squirrels” in the window…
I don’t get the actual squirrel dynamic.

So anyway, that’s my day in a nutshell, aside from work, making pizza/rolls, and the dogs doing their collective doggy thing, that was basically it.

Oh, but I can leave you with one last picture…. The raised bed now has thousands of assorted wildflower seeds, these are now growing, and it’s so exciting to see them pop up out of the soil! Can’t wait to share pics as they grow into full-sized plants and eventually flowers!

Serenity is not having to worry about what thrives in your garden.