Day Eighteen of my social media break, turned social media diet. I’ve signed into Facebook and have been posting some of my fun Hamama tutorial videos over on YouTube. I enjoy helping people, and it was tough not doing that, even though taking a break from social media is absolutely a good idea for me. So, spending less time interacting with Facebook and Instagram, but still having an account there is probably smart…for now.

So for today, I’m going to keep this relatively short. The featured image in this post is a Trader Joe’s vegan turkey burger. It was incredible! It’s funny, now that a lot of companies are getting on the bandwagon of making burgers very similar to the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat burger patties, making the patties appear to “bleed” by adding plant blood (heme) to all veggie products, Trader Joe’s comes out with this vegan “turkey burger” which is basically the “bloody vegan burgers” above (closest to the Beyond Meat, I believe), and they just remove the plant blood, so it’s gray instead of red. So a major selling point (“ooh, it even bleeds like real hamburger but it’s vegan!”) is something you don’t get with the vegan turkey burger. There might be a taste difference? I should make them both at the same time, cut out a piece, and do a blind taste test to see if I can tell the difference. I’m guessing they must add some form of flavoring difference, but as you can see, this burger was so loaded, I couldn’t really tell. All I know is, it was great! And the fries and ketchup were also from Trader Joe’s. I’m a bit of a Trader Joe’s fan, in case you couldn’t tell. Oh, and the vegan sliced cheese and onion came from TJ’s, along with the “everything” ciabatta roll. I think the only thing on that burger that wasn’t from TJ’s was the pickles, which is apparently not something they sell? I think they should sell sliced pickles. But I’m happy they sell so many other things I can eat as a vegan!

I said “no” and Annie said “yes!”

Oh, and this morning, my dog Annie really wanted to get up on my lap. I said “no…” and she said “yes!” and jumped right up. I mean, she’s a cute dog, and she loves hanging out in my lap in the morning before work. So I gave her a little cuddle time. But she was so late to the party for some reason. Also, I apologize for all the graininess in that shot. Not quite sure what happened there.

I’ll leave you with a Fun Fact and a picture….

I Don’t – Iron Photographer 199 – Utata

Did you know, I don’t drink coffee, or caffeinated tea? It’s true! Although, I have heard that chocolate has caffeine in it, and I do eat chocolate in small amounts – generally Tony’s Chocolonely because it’s so awesome and fair trade, too! – but yeah, I try to avoid caffeine wherever I can. But this photo is apparently me holding coffee, and it’s warming my hands, but I didn’t drink it. Here’s the original link for the Flickr post from 2014.

Hope to see you tomorrow!