Life comes at you fast.

We’ve all heard that saying, and a lot of us have experienced it firsthand. Whether it’s the day by day madness in the news, or the current pandemic that came out of nowhere.

But tonight, I’m taking about Animal Crossing….

You see, through no fault of her own, Deena the Duck had a birthday that just happened to coincide with the day another, more worthy villager (a kitty named Kiki) decided today’s the day I want to move to your island!

Deena the Duck is so Happy!

There she is, super happy, prancing around, singing with me and a friend of hers. I even got her an awesome birthday present!

But it was at that moment that I realized: I have to see if it’s possible to kick someone off the island on their birthday. I had to do it. I had no choice. Curiosity got the better of me and there was no other choice.

So I talked to Kiki, she said “yes!” Then came the terrible news: Kiki could only move to the island if someone else wanted to move away.

Surely Deena the Duck wouldn’t want to move on her birthday…right?


I go to visit Deena and she’s “in boxes” as they say in the forums.

Deena the Duck – “In Boxes”

So, shockingly, she seems okay with the move. Had been thinking about moving for awhile now, and just hadn’t gotten around to telling me.


Deena can you hear me…?

She doesn’t seem okay! I feel like she’s judging me! Not my character in the game, who’s controlled by me, but me!

Look at those eyes of judgment!

Eyes of Judgment

So yeah. She’s upset but in a passive-aggressive way. Now, my island is almost completely cats and squirrels, with one exception: Pierce.

Terrible name, terrible “jock” eagle. He’ll be the last to get kicked off, and in just two more days.

I will be a little sad to see him go because, aside from my favorite character “Katt,” he’s one of the original two villagers. I’ll always keep Katt, but it’s going to be a bittersweet end for Pierce.


Maybe I’ll see him on a friend’s island some day…?

Your days are numbered, Pierce! Enjoy the island while you still can. Exile is just around the corner….