This morning, I saw a squirrel hanging out in the window bird feeder. Can’t quite tell if it was happy or hot, but I like to think it was just happy and enjoying a few moments of peace before my youngest dog, Annie, decided to take chase.

Now, my youngest dog, Lucy, isn’t really a chaser, but she does love to “woof” when something’s going on!

Today is the day before the Fourth of July (observed) – national holiday here in the U.S., and lots of fireworks. Independence Day.

So, had to drug up the youngest dog, and the eldest dog is just following us around due to stress.

Really, all I can do is just hope that we all vote, as a country, in November, and try to help restore a little bit of dignity back to our country. And by a “little bit” I mean a lot. Because we’re the laughing stock of the entire world right now.

Canada, closing its borders with us? Wow…. Well, okay. I mean, we deserve it, 100%. I mean, They (the idiots that continue to vocally not believe in facts, science and medicine) would rather bolster the economy while cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, and people continue to die.

Not really feeling very patriotic this week, what with all the fireworks and death, so when a local realtor decided to put a cheap American flag in my front yard without my consent, I just tossed it in the trash.

Here’s a picture of my eldest dog Lucy. Have a “happy” Fourth of July.

Lucy hanging out with her bear.